The Best But Un-feature MTV Music

As a music lover, I must say that the industry is in a dire state. Listen to the radio for an hour and you’ll notice that they play the same limited rotation of songs back to back (sometimes even in order). And we all know that MTV has been gradually airing less and less “music” television, as more and vapider “reality” nonsense aimed at a narcissistic youth culture bombard us with fake tans and even faker personalities. My friends, it is no secret that these juggernauts – mainstream radio and MTV – can no longer satisfy our music fix (If it ever did anyway). Luckily, the newest and most powerful juggernaut of all – the Internet – has become a saviour to us desperate to get away from the Lady Gaga and Ke$has of our generation.

The best music you will ever find is the type you’re going to have to actually do a little hunting for. It’s the music that comes straight from real musicians – people who care about their craft and not necessarily monetary success. MySpace, which has long been replaced by Facebook as the dominant social networking site, has now instead become host to thousands if not millions of musicians, singer/songwriters, and bands who upload their music for, well, a considerably large audience (the world). Likewise, music blogs and independent streaming radio sites shine the light on the non-famous but otherwise very talented. Now anybody can access great tunes from artists you will NEVER see on MTV, and regain the faith and inspiration in music that AutoTune mercilessly slew.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the third wave ska genre. Third wave ska gained some mainstream recognition in the 1990s but has long since fizzled out of the public ear. (If you’ve never heard of it, it sounds like a cross between reggae and punk rock, with lots of brass instruments and offbeat drumming). Nevertheless, the Internet has shown me that ska is far from dead, as many bands continue to hang on because of a small but passionately loyal group of fans such as myself. My advice to you, reader, is to break free from the mainstream. You don’t have to settle for the same old-same old! Good music is out there if you’re willing to go and look for it!


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