The Impact of Music

Music is one of the most common things in everyone’s life. It is as old as man himself and his desire to express his feelings. People find music indispensable and live to rediscover it, which is what makes sounds and the brain eventually synchronize.

Since prehistoric times man instinctively created instruments that would soothe, calm, or simply release his energy. Mentally he discovered something that we can’t live without today and can’t imagine it not existing at a certain point. Music has both good and bad influences on us and is so varied that genres are created over and over again, remixed, combined, revived or transformed each generation. People use music to better articulate their journey through life, their questions, pains and joy. Music is a universal means of communication, transcending cultures, languages, countries and time.

Some people make music their life’s achievement and scope. Others see it as an escape and an usher to creating their own world, with their own rules. Music is a means of fighting global issues: hunger, disease, intolerance, discrimination, poverty, global warming or even war. The perfect example for the latter is the 70’s – the hippie movement – when people used music as their “weapon” to counteract the violence and the uselessness of the Vietnam War.

Music has a significant role in education. It is used by the school and academic institutions to generate acceptance of special aids children, for example, to promote equality, to teach them about team effort and ultimately, music is used as a vessel to promote and inform about general issues that affect teen life and future adult concerns. Music helps them develop and contour a strong personality, by overcoming their fears, shyness or inferiority complex.

These are just a few things that music improves in one’s life. However, music can also negatively influence society. Destructive habits, like drug abuse, violence, excessive sexuality or promotion of money driven society are endorsed by popular icons of each genre. Music corporations are, in the end, a corporation based on financial input. So, music is associated with negative attitudes because they are easily assimilated by the public.

Because it has such a wide area of reach, music is used to encourage a variety of products and services that we may never know how good or bad are for us, as we will most certainly be attracted by a catchy tune or a beautiful singer. It is not always used for the noblest of causes.

Beyond bad or good music has given birth to amazing talents and them, in their turn, have enhanced and reshaped the meaning of music and how important it is to human emotions and psyche. When something pleasant or sad is accompanied by a tune we will always relive that particular feeling when hearing the song. Just like smells, music is easily attached to events in our lives.

Music has reached a new level when it began being associated with visual art. Videos, movies, musicals and tv shows have all included and introduced the public with unconventional musical performances. Executives are concentrating on promoting new talents and entertainers that are currently shaping the young generation. The job of a musician has come to be one of the most longed for occupations because it gives you both freedom of speech and of exploring the whole world. Concerts will take a successful singer everywhere while meeting important leading figures of the world because music knows no boundaries.

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